Headstone Cleaning Service
Headstone Cleaning Service

Headstone Cleaning Service

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Unlike common notion, most of the cemeteries only appeal to the ground or general maintenance. They neither pay much attention nor have the tools and expertise for the preservation or cleaning of the gravestone(s).

And that’s why we offer specialized services for memorial cleaning and restoration across Houston.

We understand that – Memorials are there for a reason. A headstone honors someone who has passed away as well as provides a place to mourn for those who live, and love, and respect. And it must be preserved for a lifetime and longer. The reason why we take great measures to extend the life and beauty of every memorial we work on –


  • Cleaning and polishing of the Headstone: Weather, dirt, particles, acid rains, worms, fungus, birds, etc., all can make those memorial stones look dirty, fragile, and disrespectful. Our Memorial Cleaning service makes sure the monument remains free and safe from all the hurting factor, ensuring a much longer lifetime and overall condition.
  • No harmful procedures: We have mastered the art and science of cleaning a memorial without shortening its lifespan. We do not use any harmful cleansing materials or unscientific methods like the thrashing of stones.
  • Low cost: The cost of preservation is far less than that of restoration. Better safe than sorry.
  • Floral decoration: We and our staff can also decorate the memorial with flowers and decorative pieces at an additional cost.
  • Concurrent updates through email: You won’t always be able to come and check our work. That is why we send you an email with the before-and-after pictures attached. So you’re 100% sure of the timely and top-notch care.

A headstone memorial is a way to give your respect to those who have passed away. Why not make sure those memories last forever and longer?